I slutten av september mottok ambassaden informasjon om at militante grupperinger planlegger aksjoner mot vestlige interesser i Bangladesh. Les ambassadens oppdaterte sikkerhetsinformasjon her          

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The Norwegian Embassy in Bangladesh, in an effort to update visitors about local news and current affairs, will be posting weekly news on political-economy scenario of the country. The weekly news bulletin is written by Embassy staff in Dhaka and does not reflect official Norwegian Foreign Policy.

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The Embassies of Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland are hosting a joint ‘Art Weekend’ on the 24 th and 25 th of July at their respective residences. The purpose of the Art Weekend will be to highlight and exhibit the works of local artists and photographers, and to foster a dialogue between the expat and local art lovers, senior and young artists. Hope fully, the Art Weeke...

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Photo: LiveSquare.

The Jaffna Music Festival has been organized under the music cooperation between Sri Lanka and Norway, together with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) since its inception in 2009. Rikskonsertene (Concerts Norway) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy are supporting this venture in partnership with LiveSquare under the Norway-Bangladesh Music Cooperation. The Jaffna Music...

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The representatives from the Concerts Norway and the Embassy with the students. 
Photo: Scandinavian Study Centre, University of Dhaka.

As a part of celebration of the National Day, a Norwegian film “Upperdog” was screened in the TSC auditorium at the University of Dhaka. Around two hundred students viewed the movie. A booklet on “Minifacts about Norway” were distributed among the students. A short discussion was held on the movie  in presence of representatives from Concerts Norway and the embassy, after the screening. This.

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From left to right: Saymon Zakaria, Assistant Director of Bangla Academy, Sisir Dutta, Executive Director of BITA, the Chief guest of the ceremony, Professor emeritus Dr. Anisuzzaman, famous actor Pijush Bondopaddaya, Dr. Sayeem Rana, writer of the book and the lecturer of Music Department of University of Dhaka, Sadia Afrin Mallik, Editor of arts & entertainment of the Daily Star, Ms. Solveig Korum Manga and Ms. Anne Moberg of Concerts Norway. 
Photo: BITA.

The publication of the book 'Historical Perception of Traditional Musical Instruments for Young Generation' on 4 th May, illustrated the richness of musical instruments in Bangladesh and the importance of saving these nearly extinct instruments. The research gave a deeper understanding of necessary actions to ensure that the instruments are played and practiced, especially by the younger...

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Inspired by Bangladesh’s spectacular progress towards food self-sufficiency, and to encourage each other to eat healthy food, all staff members agreed to change our Embassy rooftop flower garden into a vegetable garden. Day by day, we follow the rapid growth of spinach, salad, eggplant, ladyfinger and other nutritious foods at our workplace, and look forward to harvesting.

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The sound engineers at the end of the workshop. 
Photo: LiveSquare Ltd.

A three day long workshop was held from April 30th to May 2nd. The purpose of the workshop was to build capacity and disseminate knowledge on live sound engineering with professional sound engineers and potential talents. The speakers at the workshop were eminent sound engineers of Bangladesh from diverse backgrounds such as television, radio and live sound. Participants came from various...

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